Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Crocheted toddler jacket

It seems summer has officially abandoned us after a very brief visit this year, leading me to realise how short of woolies my daughter is at the minute! One hoody and a few cropped summer-knit cardigans. Time to try out my new crochet skills...

I decided to wing it, and started work on a crocheted jacket for her, measuring mostly by eye and using a knitted cardigan as a rough guide for size. Using acrylic double knitting yarn on a 3.5mm hook, I made the bodice sections first, working treble crochet from the waist up. The lower peplum part was made up in one of the shell patterns from the book pictured in my last post, a pattern simply called "wide arches", using cream and red yarn. For the sleeves, I again used treble crochet, adding a single repeat of the wide arches pattern for a decorative band.

 Pattern detail

I closed the shoulder seams, set the sleeves and added a few rows of double crochet ribbing to the front edges, with an extended tab overlap for a button closure, using a vintage button from my stash.

 Big fancy button!

I made the peplum in a single piece worked onto the treble crochet yoke from the waist down, so that it only extends a short way round the front, leaving the front quite open so little one is less likely to get tangled on one of her climbing adventures.

Front-Open for ease of movement

 Back- Striped pattern of peplum

This was one almighty learning curve (I do tend to throw myself in at the deep end!) and has a couple of little mishaps, fortunately nothing noticeable now it's finished, but things I know to do differently next time.

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