Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lime stripes and fancy buttons

As promised, another one of the completed items from my Autumn list. This is a classic, simple kimono-sleeve blouse from the early 50s, by Butterick made up in striped cotton of lime green, black and cream.

This shirt was a breeze to make- done in afternoon! It has soft pleat fitting to the front of the bodice, a single  facing for the front and collar, seamed at the sentre back, and bound hems on the sleeves. I really love the collar on this; the fold only starts at the side of the neck, so there is no bulk at the back of the neck to annoy me under my mass of hair, and it sits perfectly with minimum fiddling.

The buttons are some (expensive) facetted black glass beauties I originally bought for something else entirely several years ago. The wild notion to hand-sew the buttonholes somehow found its way into my head at this point, and though they turned out reasonably well they took almost as long as the rest of the sewing! The fabric is lovely quality and I'm very glad I paid the extra to buy it from abroad. As you can see the stripes are woven, not printed, and it has a very subtle sateen finish and a lovely weight and drape.

The pattern envelope

Even though the pattern is a size small for me, I actually had to take the bust in a little. It was just too billowy to be even remotely flattering. I might also shorten the sleeves a little in future- I'm not sure if I like the length as they are at present.

Palette colours used

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