Monday, 14 May 2012

Me-Made-May, Week 2

Day 1:


Outfit details:
Me-made dress- Polka dot cotton from New Look 6675
Cardigan- hand knit by my mum from a vintage 1950s pattern.
Belt- charity shop 

I'm really glad to get some wear out of this dress. It was my first 50s style dress made nearly 5 years ago, but the straps were never quite right so it's only ever been worn a few times. I think it came out of the box twice at most last year. I pulled it out when I was assessing my me-mades for this challenge, and finally decided to do something about those damn straps. A half hour's unpicking and redoing and it's wearable and ready to be loved again!

Day 2:

Today I made up a quick headband from some scrap fabrics, so wore that as my me-made item with a cherry print cowl neck top and jeans.

Ugh... roots

I have a tutorial for this to follow too!

Day 3:

1940s tie-front blouse- pattern by Mrs Depew
Cherry bow headband from day 2

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  1. Loving the cardigan and deffinatly would follow your tutorial for the bow headband it is very cute.