Monday, 26 November 2012

Top Honours and a new skirt

At last, another outfit post! These are two new things I've finished up recently (well, technically three, but we'll get to that). First let me apologise for the shoddy photos. My house is dark at this time of year and there are few spots that I can set the camera up at a distance from me that will actually fit a full body in shot! And I have about an inch of roots on my hair. Heh.

I finished up the Top Honours jumper I'd been knitting. As I mentioned in my previous post on it, I ran out of white for the contrast, which had come from mum's stash, so I took it with me when I visited earlier in the month and finished it up there.

This pattern is from the early '40s, and has a slip-stitched pattern across the yoke and sleeves.


I quite enjoyed making this one up. The grey yarn was a charity shop find that is acrylic, with possibly a small amount of wool in it. I  knit the body in the round up to the armscyes, which of course made it go faster: I knit much more slowly on purl rows. From there I changed to straight needles, and also went down a needle size to tighten up the tension across the yoke and make it a little smaller to account for my quite narrow shoulders. I also added a shoulder opening on the left side with a row of buttons to make sure I could get it over my head!

I chose simple white pearl plastic buttons for the shoulder fastening. and did four rows of garter stitch picked up along each shoulder edge to make the placket:

The skirt is made from a wool/poly blend suiting in a lovely dark burgundy and black small check. I used my self drafted half-circle skirt pattern, added a wide waistband and straps. The straps are sewn onto the back of the waistband, cross over at the back and button onto the front waist. I also added side-seam pockets. Since I've started adding pockets to skirts I get really frustrated if I wear one that doesn't have them.

Naturally, it wouldn't be possible to go through a project without some sort of cock-up. I forgot to check the width of my lining, so didn't buy enough! Ordinary plain linings are a standard 60" normally, the same width as my fabric, so the though never crossed my mind when shopping for it, but I went for a fancy herringbone weave viscose lining, which was only 52". Gah. So I made myself a slip instead. At least the colour matches perfectly.

I added a lace applique that's been sitting in a box since I unpicked it from the front of a corset a couple of years ago. I handstitched around the edge and again about half an inch in, following a line in the pattern of the lace. I then cut away the fabric from the back and whip-stitched the cut edge. Voila! Cutaway lace insert. I quick hem and elastic waist, and I have a new half-slip I can wear with other skirts too.

I'm already working on something new- a navy houndstooth pinafore dress, as well as a knit for little one. It being that time of year, I've started on Christmas makes too, some of which I'll share soon.


  1. This is really gorgeous. I'm in awe of anyone who can knit jumpers since I am quite bad at knitting.

    I'm a huge fan of circle skirt and feel very inspired to add straps now!

    Love it love it love it!

  2. Very nice! Beautiful job on the sweater, and I love the jumper. I also like wide waistbands (more comfortable than skinny ones that cut into the tummy). And now I'm inspired to do some overalls...