Sunday, 10 March 2013

SFV: Dungarees progress

Progress on this part of my Sewing For Victory has been a bit hit and miss. I got a substantial amount done in the first day of sewing, getting everything cut out and the main leg seams pieced together and tried on for fit. All good, I set about making pockets to set in the side seams.

I drafted a basic pocket shape, and cut four pieces of a viscose lining fabric left over from another project. It is a lovely wine red/black with a herringbone weave. I decided to add a facing of the trouser fabric to the back part of the pocket so the lining doesn't peek out of the pocket opening. This was where the problem started- I sewed the pocket in the wrong way round! I put the left pocket in the right seam, so the facing was on the front half, and not doing its job! At this point I put it down and walked away from it for three days.

After a quick unpicking today (including the two rows of topstitching I'd already done) I tried again, and got it right. This is the left pocket: you can see the facing piece with its topstitching, and the fancy lining fabric.

For the bib bodice, I've decided to make it detachable so I have the option to just wear them as trousers. The plan is to add buttons or possibly big snaps to the inside of the waistband, so the fastening is concealed. Hopefully I can squeeze the lining for it out of my last bits of the viscose herringbone.

This is the pattern for the bib. I used the bodice of a dress pattern with a single large waist dart, and simply drew on the top edge shape.

Now I need my zip to arrive so I can get on with the finishing touches and get the straps measured and made!

How is everyone else's Sew For Victory project coming along?

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