Friday, 17 June 2011

Mid-Year's resolutions

This year I made several half-hearted resolutions at New Year, none of which have as yet been followed through on. Of these, there were a few that stood some sort of chance: to start a blog, give myself a wardrobe overhaul, and do more sewing. Why not do all three at once, I thought. As it does every year, summer weather brings new energy and inspiration for sewing, and so the wardrobe blitz begins... with a few goals!

  • Work with vintage patterns and styles. I have a love of 1950s styles in particular, yet have never worked with any true vintage patterns, only ever modern ones. Let's face it- it's just not the same.
  • Stash Bust!! I have too much fabric. This is a fact. It's about time I got through some of it I think, preferably without adding more to it as I go.
  • More dresses. Jeans and scruffy tshirts are not an attractive look, and do nothing for your self-image.
  • Wear my work. I have too many things I have made and never worn

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