Friday, 17 June 2011

New vintage pattern finds

To make a start on my goal of using more vintage patterns, I hit eBay a couple of days ago and was thrilled to receive this little beauty in this morning's post:

Purchased from this seller who has lots of lovely French vintage patterns dating right through the 20th century.

It is a copy of a 1957 French magazine Femmes D'Aujourdui, has four pieces and is to be made up in jersey fabrics (just to make it even more complicated!). The pattern is in the form of mulitiple outlines on one sheet, as was usual with this type of pattern:

To say it looks difficult would be being polite, but the seller kindly included her own working translation of the instructions. As a bonus, the pattern is printed with a teens' dress pattern on the same sheet, and although only the cutting diagram is present on the intruction page it doesn't look like it would be complicated to figure out its construction.

My second pattern comes from neu4bauer's blog, and is a free pattern download in pdf format, adapted from a German fashion magazine. This has the wide winged collar and turned up cap sleeves that I love, with the added interest of diagonal buttons, and a pleated side panel to the skirt:

I just love how unusual this dress is! This one's going in my stash until I find some suitable fabric (and a printer to Print the pattern out of course).

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