Friday, 23 September 2011

Flea market pattern haul

I'm home from my trip to visit the family, and I bring vintage goodies for the growing stockpile!

While these days it seems that my old hometown has descended into a mass of 99p stores, pawnbrokers and empty shop units, the weekly flea market still yields some good stuff for those willing to have a long rummage in ancient boxes of tatt. I came away with a stack of patterns, both knitting and sewing, and paid no more than 25 pence per item.

1950s Knitting Patterns

Scoop-neck sweater | Long or short sleeved bolero | Shawl-collar sweater

 | Youngsters Woolies- an assortment of children's essential knits |

Children's sewing patterns

| 1940s Maudella dress and coat patterns |
Both these patterns are unused, still in factory folds!

| 1950s Maudella sun dress and blouse |

1970s tunics and trousers | 1960s duffel coats

Most of the sewing patterns are in larger sizes so will be put away for the time being, but the knitting patterns are something I can plug away at in my spare time. I taught myself basic knitting techniques a few years back but have never ventured into making any actual garments, so hopefully I can challenge myself with completing one of these designs in time for winter.

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