Sunday, 30 October 2011

New toys!

A few days ago, Boyfriend dearest came home from work with the promise of something he'd salvaged for me, that he couldn't bear to see go in the skips. He was, however, quiet on what exactly he had in store for me. Last night I was greeted by the sight of him carrying these in for me:

And what was inside?

I think the noise I made was something along the lines of "Eeeeee!!!". What can I say? The boy done good! Two vintage hand-crank machines, both of which can be used with a treadle if so desired.  The cream one on the left is a Frister and Rossmann. More on that machine in another post- for now I want to concentrate on the other.

This is a Jones Family C. S. (Cylindrical shuttle).

She's so pretty. The machine itself seems to be in very good condition. There is very little pitting to the metal that I can see, and the decals are all in fairly good condition with only minor wear that is to be expected of a machine this age. The motif on the shoulder of the machine has 'As supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra' around the crest, which dates it to around 1910.

Shoulder decal detail

Hand-crank mechanism

Mmm... Decades old fluff, but nice shiny workings

Unfortunately the wooden case has suffered a little from exposure to damp conditions. The inner veneer in the base has buckled badly. There is also a small area on the bottom edge of the lid that has suffered similarly, although to a much lesser extent. I think I may remove the bodies to allow the cases to dry thoroughly to prevent and further damge, but they still seem structurally sound so I doubt I''l attempt any restoration to this for a while..

Damaged inner veneer

One moment that did have me very excited was when I opened up the accesories compartment. Inside I found the original manual and accessories box, full of goodies.

The manual has suffered with the damp as well, being in a pretty sorry state with the pages stuck together badly. However, all the parts are in good order. There is a second smaller box inside containing various feet and attachments, including a narrow bias binder, four different hemmer feet, a quilting guide, seam width guide, and an underbraider. I have yet to find what that oval disc has fallen off...
Also in the box of bit were two packets of machine-specific needles, still in their waxpaper wrappers inside, five bobbins (plus the one in the shuttle) and a total of five needle threaders of different brands. The previous owner obviously hated threading needles!

So many threaders!
I can't wait to get this beauty cleaned up and test her out. The mechanics all seem to run smoothly, though it's a little stiff from being unused. Hopefully nothing a good brush out and oil won't solve.

Next time, the Frister and Rossmann.


  1. Wow, how cool is he for bringing them home to you.

  2. Stunning. Just got me one.need to know how does the bobbins get full and how to work with it. Machine in immaculate condition