Thursday, 10 November 2011

A sewing hiatus

It seems like recently I haven't had much inclination to sew. Sitting in the freezing cold dining room at the machine is not a very inviting prospect, so yes, my List has suffered (though I do have a few more things waiting to be posted). To make up for my lack of interesting readables, have a peek at what I've been doing instead:

The colour is much richer in person; a beautiful deep teal. Now that I'm almost finished with it though, I need a break from the damn thing. Six weeks of knitting the same damn stitch thousands of times can get unbelievably dull. Time for something small, interesting and new.

Cue the tiny boot socks! (on equally tiny needles)

Little one got her first wellies last week, and I felt the need to make fuzzy socks for her to wear with them. Puddle splashing = cold toes. I'm using a combination of a basic free vintage pattern and a colourwork chart from a pattern found on Ravelry. For my first attempt at colourwork, I don't think it's going too badly at all. Cutesy kitties :)

Let's hope I avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome...

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  1. Such cute little socks. I too am on a knitting and not sewing vibe.