Sunday, 22 January 2012

Recent buys

After keeping a fairly tight hold on the purse-strings in the always expensive run up to Christmas, I had a brief splurge over the last couple of weeks and treated myself to some vintage sewing goodies.

Patterns first: For myself (in the right size!), Advance 5780: a simple button-through dress with gathered detail to the shoulders and patch pockets.  For the Little One, Butterick 7410: this includes a total of 5 different options including 2 blouse variations. I'll be making up view A in the plaid, which is leftover from my own skirt (not to be worn at the same time mind you).

Advance 5780 |  Butterick 7410

I also purchased a copy of Anna Depew's 1940s Wrap Blouse which I plan on making up in an emerald/black check cotton.

Another purchase was this length of fabric with a beautiful fans print, a viscose fabric of unknown vintage. There is a little over a metre of it, and the fans are quite large; around 6-8" across. I have yet to decide what to do with it.

I'm still waiting for this 1930s buckle to arrive in the post, but I'm already planning what to do with it. Just a couple of anxious days while it's in the not-always-careful hands of Royal Mail to endure!

1930s plastic buckle

I'm thinking it would perhaps work nicely with this cotton print as a shirtwaister, or possibly the new Advance pattern.

I also bought a full cone of acrylic and started knitting up the Sun-Ray Ribbing jumper from volume 1 of A Stitch In Time , which I was given at Christmas. Steady progress has been made on it over the last couple of weeks, and I'm most of the way up the front. Image from the book as modelled by the lovely Fleur.

 Progress so far!

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  1. I think the wrap blouse would look really good in the fans print!