Monday, 16 January 2012

Sewing for a new season

The reappearance of life in the garden this week has got me thinking about new sewing plans for less chilly weather. A little premature, perhaps, as we seem to have sunk back into a cold snap much more appropriate for January, but after such a miserable winter I'm craving better weather and the opportunity to wear nice things. It's been a season of howling gales and dreary rain in our corner of the country, neither of which are particularly good for one's sense of glamour.

So, on to my Spring sewing plans. For once I've collected images for an inspiration board on Pinterest, bringing together patterns, fabrics, projects and vintage images. This is a selection of them (sources for all can be found via Pinterest):

Spring wardrobe inspiration

I'll still be concentrating on sewing separates, since I've found this makes for a more wearable wardrobe.

This time around I'm making less strict plans after my Autumn sewing plans fizzled out, but on the definite to do list are the following:
At some point in the run-up to summer I want to make a full skirted shirtdress, since it's one of those iconic 50s styles I've never got around to making up. I think one of the problems I have there is choosing a suitable fabric. I wouldn't want to use a plain colour, but equally if I went for a pattern then I wouldn't want something too overwhelming on such a large garment. Perhaps a plain with patterned contrasts will be the way to go!  I'd also love to do something that incorporates smocking; I think the pink dress in the board above shows how it can be beautifully put to use in women's clothing. Admittedly though, it will probably only make onto something for Little One!

Building on my Autumn colour palette, I've added a few shades within the colour scheme, including a brighter emerald in place of the bottle green, and a vivid sky blue. 

Spring Colour Palette


  1. Awww I want that sweater :( Fleur looks amazing in it (not that she doesn't look amazing in everything)!

    It'd be so easy to make a shirtwaist, even if you don't have a pattern you could just start with the blouse you just made and add a circle skirt at waist height and a concealed side zip. I have a couple of shirtwaist patterns and a wartime button-through dress pattern, they're going to take time though as some of the patterns are very frail and others are unprinted - confusing!

    1. It's knitting up really quickly actually, at least compared to the last one I did that had fiddly crossed stitches and stuff. They also seem to have reprinted the book to correct the pattern errors which is helpful!

      The pattern isn't really a problem for a shirtwaist- as you say it'd be easy enough to adapt from a blouse. I just bought a button-through dress pattern as well. I just can't settle on a fabric. I like this one but can't decide if it's a bit too busy:

      If only the swirls were spaced further apart.

    2. I like it with them close together, how big are the swirls though? Not usually keen on small prints though it would look really period accurate in that pattern.

      I think you should make me a sweater :P

    3. They're only really small- less than a cm. It's growing on me though- might see if they'll send me a sample then make my mind up. I won't be buying for that yet though, got a load of seperates I want to do before the dress. I need trousers!

      And maybe for next Christmas hehe.

  2. I really want Simplicity 3688 for the trousers,they look rubbish in crepe on the pattern envelope but I've seen them in denim and linen on blogs and they look really good. That or one of the Wearing History ones but they only go up to a 43" hip :/