Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fresh from the machine

This is a dress I ran up this week for the Little One. It is view A of Butterick 7410 from the 1950s, one of my recent purchases (shown right below). 

It is effectively a mini version of the suspender skirt  I made for myself last year, using the little leftover fabric from it and the same lining , buttons and construction.  I will avoid the whole matching outfits scenario, though.

It is fully lined with the tartan in the bodice and bright red lining in the skirt. This fabric has a fairly heavy drape so I added a narrow net frill to the underskirt for a little extra oomph.

I seem to be a lot happier to hand finish things these days. The hem on the tartan was turned, pressed, hand catch-stitched and pressed again. I also slip stitched the two waist seams together invisibly from between the layers, so the lining is only free from the waist down. I think the higher quality of finish is finally outweighing the need to get things finished quickly.

 My obsessive pattern matching on the horizontal lines. Yes, there is a seam between those two red stripes!

We'll see what she thinks of it in the morning.

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  1. absolutly lovely, I do hope she likes it. My own atempts at pattern matching have been hopeless, congratualtions on a perfect dress.