Monday, 13 February 2012

A 1940s trousers saga. Part 1: Patterns

You know those blog posts you read that send you off on a whole new tangent? Well this pair of trousers by Handmade Jane was one of those.


You may recognise them from my Spring sewing post. The pattern is Simplicity 2645, which is now out of print, but I managed to find a copy going cheap on eBay Australia of all places. They have a facing rather than a waistband, and I love the scalloped shaping at the waistline.

While I fiddle with the toile fit for my oddly propertioned lower half, with its full two sizes difference between waist and full hip to accomodate the Thighs Of Doom, I've scoured the net and the blogosphere for more inspiration and tips before I go ahead and dive in.

Though I got this pattern for a very reasonable price even with postage from the other side of the world, there are plenty of good repro patterns and original period ones available for a little more. These are a few of my favourites.

Simplicity 3322
Simplicity 3322 Slacks and Overalls

Folkwear Patterns Hollywood pants

Folkwear Patterns Rosie The Riveter slacks and overalls

In the next installment: Photos and Sources


  1. What size is the trouser pattern? The right size for me to borrow it I hope! I will send you back your top pattern soon, I've got the traced copy and the instructions you sent so will return your original - I'm at mum's on Wednesday 22nd, want me to leave it there?

    Also - do a quick search for Simplicity 4044. I'm pretty sure the pants are exactly the same, or are the original version that they used as a basis for 2645. If so I'm going to buy it. I also love the NVL workwear pants but I'm not keen on the rest of the ensemble, or paying over £20 when I know I won't use the jacket pattern.

    1. It's up to a size 22. Pretty sure I've cut it at the largest size, I usually do. I did look at 4044, but I'd be more likely to use the pencil skirt in this one than the jacket in 4044. Yeah, leave mt top pattern at mum's- I'll be going down before too long.

    2. Ooh please can I borrow it to steal a copy, or could you do a copy for me? The 22 would be right, I'd just need to make it an inch smaller at the waist and 2" bigger on the hips.

      Yeah I'm not keen on the jacket pattern... I don't know where I'd ever wear a jacket. The NVL trousers are definitely my favourite, but it's such an expensive pattern, I guess it costs her a lot to have them printed individually.

  2. ps. How long is it since Folkwear updated their photos? I just can't find the designs appealing at all when the models look like they were rejected from a John Hughes film for being too old.

    1. Ha, I know! Early 90s obviously. I never look at the photos on patterns, just the line drawings. They're usually the wrong size for the model, made out of crappy fabric that makes it look rubbish or hideously out of date like these.