Monday, 12 March 2012

Checking in- with new stash

It's a good feeling, coming home from a visit to the family with a backpack full of new fabrics. I always plan a trip to the fabric shop that was my old workplace when I visit, but this time I also managed a trip to another shop in the town that only opens two days a week. Situated in an old church up a narrow terraced sidestreet (like so many others in the north of England), it's a real Aladdin's cave of bargain fabrics. Wool suitings and high-end curtain fabrics for £3 a metre anyone? Or a church hall full of fabrics for £1 a metre?

Between the two shops, I came away with this stack. It so easily could have been bigger had my purse permitted:

Amazingly, I have plans for all of them. Top to bottom:

~ Royal blue cotton and white/royal cotton polkadot because I am a sucker for pattern illustrations

~ Red mix cotton tartan weave for Little One, possibly another version of the Grows-With-Her dress

~ Stretch black allover lace. I'm possibly thinking overlay for a wiggle dress, unless anything else comes to me

~ Black and purple poly/viscose tartan for a pencil skirt

~ Royal and white pindot jersey. Most likely my third dress from Simplicity 2647 (view C), a wardrobe favourite for the last 4 years.

~ Black soft cotton drill for my 1940s trousers

~ White polycotton with woven pattern, for blouses for the Little One from Butterick 7410

My sinfully low stock of needles, elastic and other such essentials has also been replenished, and my mum gifted me a proper wooden yardstick.

I've also bagged a couple of cheap bits of vintage from that well-known-auction-site:

 A small panel of 1960s cotton children's print with trains (shown folded in half). Not a clue what for, but it was too cute to pass on! The other is a rayon satin with a lovely shadow floral print, enough for a dress bodice.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have the trousers cut out and actually have some grown-up sized sewing to show you all!


  1. The flower print rayon is wonderful! Maybe you could make a little skirt out of the train fabric?

    Btw, I awarded your blog over on my blog :)