Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bow headband tutorial

I fell slightly off the Me-Made-May wagon last week. I paid a visit to the family over the weekend, so the days before were a bit hectic and travelling by train with a toddler in tow demands comfy, easy-wear clothes. I did, however, have a lovely day out at a major 1940s event while I was there, so more on that in a later post! For now, I have a tutorial for my bow headband.

This is a quick and easy headband with a 50s feel. It was done in half an hour and is a great way to use up those scraps and small pieces of fabric you can't bear to see going to waste.


Non-stretch fabric, light or medium weight (you need to be able to gather it), cut to the following pieces:

6" x 17"-  Main band
3.5" x 8"- Elastic casing
6" x 6"- Bow
2" x 3"- Bow middle
6" length of 1" wide elastic

Matching thread and hand sewing needle

1. Fold the main band, elastic casing and bow middle pieces lengthwise, right sides together. Sew the long sides of each with a 3/8" seam allowance to form three tubes. Press seams open.

Tip: Use the handle of a wooden spoon to press on when pressing seam allowances of tubes open

2. Turn these three tubes right sides out. Lay them down with the seam on top, in the centre, and press. This will put the seam at the centre back of the band.

3. Fold the square piece for the bow in half, right sides together. Sew along one short end, the long side and half way across the other short end, securing thread ends by backstitching or tying off. Trim corners of seam allowances and turn right sides out through the opening. Slipstitch the opening closed and press piece.  Your four pressed pieces should look like this:

Top to bottom: Main band, Elastic casing, Bow middle, Bow

4. Find the centre of the bow piece and mark with a pin. Fold in half bringing the long edges together. Then fold each side down again, forming a three-folded M shape. Pin. 

5. Sew one raw end of the bow middle piece to the central fold (on the back of the bow), centering it on the marking pin. Wrap the bow middle around the bow. Fold the raw end under and stitch down. You should now have a secure bow, gathered at the centre.

6. Lay the main band seam side down, and position the bow at the centre. Pin, then carefully hand sew, stitching the edges of the bow middle to the main band. If you like, you can also sew the ends or corners of the bow down so that the bow sits flat against the band when worn.

7. Next, slide the elastic into the casing piece, tacking the ends in place with a 1/4" seam. The casing will gather along the length of the elastic. 

8. Sew a gathering thread along the ends of the main band, and pull up to match the width of the elastic casing. 

Sew the main band to the elastic casing, right sides together, with a 1/2" seam. Trim seams and overlock or zigzag edges. Topstitch seams from right side, with seam allowances turned towards elastic.

 Finish of wrong and right sides

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