Sunday, 27 May 2012

Haworth 1940s weekend: Street scenes and photo sets

Last weekend was the annual Haworth 1940s Weekend, which the little one and I attended with my sister and a group of friends. It's a weekend of reenactment, '40s themed fun including everything from swing dances and marching parades in the streets through to vintage markets and vehicle displays, and it all takes place in one very small rural village in Yorkshire.

I spent most of the day fighting a pushchair up the massively steep, cobbled main street that was the centre of the event, so only managed to get a few street scene snaps. It was unbelievably busy on the day I went!

Since I took so few of my own photos on the day, I went hunting for ones others had taken too.

There are some lovely images to be found on Flickr by searching "Haworth 1940s", including a lot from previous years: these are some of my favourite sets.

       - Haworth 1940s Weekend 2012- some beautiful detail shots and black and white images

       - Haworth 1940s Weekend- more lovely black and white shots

       - Faces from Haworth 1940s 2012- stunning set of portrait shots

       - This set is also very eyecatching, with a nice mix of images that really capture the mood of the weekend

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