Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Me-Made-May, Week 4

Ok, so I have no seperate post for week 3. Aside from what I wore for the Haworth 1940s weekend (post to come), my only other me-made wear of the week was my black and blue striped tee from week 1's post. 

This weeks weather was termed a "mini heatwave" by the weather forecasters. We've had sun and high temperatures most of the week, so out came the dresses- I've worn me mades almost all week!

Day 1

Leopard print halter dress- Simplicity 2647

One of last year's very well-worn makes. This is the second incarnation of this pattern after I wore my first one to death. It has a mock wrap front with pleated cascade detailing at the left side, and is one of my favourite patterns for summer day wear. The shape and cascade details make it super flattering and it's made in jersey so it's comfortable and easy to wear too. I plan on making another one at some point this year too!

Day 2

Red halterneck full skirted dress
Cream embroidered polycotton petticoat

Another one of last years summer makes, this dress is made from a red polycotton with a woven stripe and pulled thread pattern. It has a simple fairly fitted bodice with gathers at the centre bust, and a six gore full skirt. I didn't have the fabric to line it when I made it and never got round to adding it into the skirt, so it gets worn with the underskirt for both modesty and added oomph. I actually really like the effect, so it's all good.

Day 3

Today I wore the black polka dot dress from week 2, only without any cardigan. Far too hot for knitwear!

Day 4

Red hawaiian boatneck '50s blouse
Refashioned black lace skirt

Apparently my face does this a lot when I'm playing with our daughter...

This was the first wear for this blouse and overall it's very nice to wear. Comfortable all day in spite of the hectic activities- food shopping in the morning followed by an afternoon in the sun at nanna and grandad's house. The skirt is a refashion from a floor length satin and lace tiered skirt from my gothy teen years. It had suffered through several years of clubwear and was a little worse for wear- I had to stitch up a good few ripped seams in the satin and fully replace the (7 yards!) of lace hem trim. It's now a much more wearable length though, and surprisingly cool to wear despite being 100% nylon.

Day 5

Today I wore my blue spot 1940s dress, with the white belt pictured in the original post. I definitely need to stabilise the neck edges!

Day 6

I wore the black lace skirt from day 4 again, with a simple cream strappy top. I didn't leave the house today so cool comfort was needed.

One bonus of hot, sunny weather seems to be that it makes me dress a lot better. There's no room for jeans in the temperaures we've had this week!

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