Saturday, 30 June 2012

Baking: Jammy dodgers!

Yesterday I whipped up a batch of these scrummy home-made jammy dodgers, recipe courtesy of Teen Granny, found in her guest post over at Did You Make That?

Despite slightly overdoing the first batch, they were incredibly yummy. I filled mine with seedless raspberry jam, but they would be delicious with any number of fillings. I'm contemplating adding cream filling as well for my next lot (I still have enough dough left for another six or eight biscuits).

Lovely stuff :)


  1. These look tasty! May I suggest you try a lemon curd filling? It would go perfectly with the sweetness of the biscuit. Yummm!!! Then there's always strawberry jam & cream...

  2. As you are one of my favourite bloggers I have given you a blog award. I hope you will acccept.

    1. I meant to add please pop over to collect your award. x