Friday, 1 June 2012

Purchased in May

Just a quick round up of some of the things I picked up this month.

Let's start with my first win on a blog giveaway, courtesy of House of Marmalade. The prize was 1.5m of a choice of fabric from Dragonfly Fabrics, and I went for this one:

Originally I had thought to make myself a '40s style blouse with it, but when it arrived it's very fine, so will better suit a lovely floaty summer dress for the little one. It's really a gorgeous fabric and super soft to the touch, and was wrapped in a ribbon bow, with a 3m reel of matching pink grosgrain ribbon thrown in free.

I picked up this pattern for a whole ten pence from a charity shop recently, which might make up nicely in it, with a little lengthening. The first and only time I've found sewing patterns in charity shops, I don't mind the rarity so much if that's how cheap they are when they do appear. It's in pristine factory folds too!

I grabbed a few knitting patterns at the same time, all for twenty or thirty pence each. The little sailor outfits are so sweet, and the angora cap is a definite to-do for winter (I even bought yarn!).

A girl can never have too many buttons and buckles in her stash, and these are welcome additions. These came from the Haworth 1940s weekend, from one of the vintage shops in the village. The cream buckle is 1940s celluloid with so much detail in the form of lilies, roses and chrysanthemums. Definitely a special occasion piece!

This piece also came from Haworth, from a stall on the vintage market. A pretty 1950s brooch.

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  1. Your fabric choice is lovely, I did not sew for my girls when they were little, I did not know how to. However now I am learning they are asking.