Sunday, 17 June 2012

Vintage in blue

I've been on a bit of a blue kick lately. It's not a colour I've ever really sewn with or worn much before, but lately I find myself drawn to. There's already been the blue polka dot '40s dress. The two shades I'm drawn to most are bright royal blue and those lovely light turquoise blue shades that are so typically '50s. It's a colour that was fashionable right through the '50s and '60s, in everything from clothing and accesories to homewares and appliances. Blue oven, anyone?

Top row:

1.  Sky blue chiffon prom dress. Not something I'd ever wear, but beautiful detailing in the ruffles.

2.  I'm working on my own version of the Advance 7114 illustration in the exact colour and pattern right now! I'm easily influenced by the covers, obviously.

3.  Check out the gorgeously summery print of this tropical dress.

Middle row:

4.  Did you see Britanny's new shoes? So very lovely.

5.  I just love this stripy dress. Perfect for sunny days on the beach.

6.  A surprisingly successful colour combination with red by Chronically Vintage.

Bottom row:

7.  I love glassware, modern or vintage, and these milk glass pieces are no exception.

8.  A very beautiful sarong dress in deep sea shades.

9.  Fabric that would have been perfect for number 5, now all sold out. Damn.

What colours are you loving at the minute?


  1. Like you I have stayed away from blue. For me it is because it is my mothers' favourite colour and I did not want to look like my mother dressed in blue. Now I find I love the clothes she wore and my last shopping trip to Liberty's I came away with 2 blue fabrics and 1 teal. I do not know if it is a colour to suit me but I am loving it. Your board above is beatuiful.

  2. I've never been a huge fan of blue, for no particular reason, but I found myself drawn to blue fabrics this summer too. It's so bright & breezy!