Wednesday, 8 August 2012

July shopping

I bought relatively little last month what with Little One's birthday landing in the middle of the month, but I have picked up a couple if nice bits. Mostly supplies.

First up is the issue of Pins and Needles  magazine that the pinafore pattern in my last post came from. The adverts inside date it to early 1954 (maybe March).

As well as the pinafore I already made up, it has some lovely knitting patterns I'd like to try at some point, including these contrast yoke jumpers (left).


I also picked up a few knitting and crochet things: two 1940s children's knitting patterns, a cone of dark grey acrylic 4 ply, two 1oz balls of 1950s Lavenda 3 ply wool, and three balls of cotton crochet thread. As you can see, I've started on a pair of gloves from the cream. The grey has already been allocated a project; a 1940s pattern called Top Honours, with white for the contrast stripe.

I also found these booklets lurking on a shelf in our bedroom; I was given them some time ago by one of Boyfriend's aunts, but totally forgot about them after! There are quite a few cute toys in these that will make up nicely, but also a shocking number of tea cosies. Arghh!!

The only non-craft supply items worth mentioning are these. A cute string of beads in navy blue with white paint details, and my newly covetted handbag. 

I've been drooling over 1950s wicker and bamboo handbags all summer, and was planning on treating myself to one of these from Bow And Crossbones

Tropical Bamboo Maria Cherry Handbag 

Tropical Carmen Fruit Wicker Basket Bag

As luck would have it, I spotted this bag in a charity shop yesterday. It was tucked half behind the counter, on the floor next to a bundle of coat hangers, and it was priced at just a couple of pounds. I grabbed it quickly!

It's in need of a little TLC- the hinges are pretty rusty and the bamboo catch is quite loose, but it's structurally sound with no significant damage to the weave or frame. I plan to add a fabric lining and probably a new catch for security, and I've been toying with the idea of doing it up with flowers and fruit on the front. What do you all think?

Add to these the stack of 32 Mr Men and Little Miss books I picked up for a total of £1.52, and a few 1950s belt buckles and it seems the charity shops locally have picked up a bit for vintage bits and pieces. Yay!

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  1. Oh yes I think the bag would look so cute with flowers or fruit, perhaps cherries and cherry or poka dot linning. So many bargains.