Wednesday, 5 September 2012

August shopping: Stash and sparkly things

Shopping this month has been a bit more productive. I've just come back from a visit to see the family, which always has the bonus of a trip to an actual fabric shop or two thrown in, as well as an afternoon digging through the local flea market in town. I never appreciated it when I lived there, but since getting into vintage more I really miss having the flea market close by. It's something that is sorely lacking in this corner of the country for those of us who don't drive. Add to that my two Modes et Travaux  magazines posted previously, and it's been a good month! On to the goodies.

First up are a few sewing patterns. The Simplicity one was a lucky eBay score, dates from 1965 and is unused. I love the loose tie neck. The Pins and Needles pattern is borrowed from mum, dating from the '70s but with lovely 1940s styling. The other two are from the flea market, 50p each.

These three Stitchcrafts and a lacy sweater pattern came from another stall on the market that I regularly buy things from.

I actually got these buckles a good few weeks ago- the only vintage sewing notions I've ever found in the charity shops up here. The top-right one is a plain rectangular cream one, the camera flash has washed it out a bit!

These two lovelies were, again, from the flea market. The stallholder had recently acquired someone's collection of over 1200 1950s brooches! I was rather spoilt for choice just with the few dozen on display, but settled for these two beauties: an enamelled and marcasite-set pink lily (?), and a pale blue enamel and rhinestone flower spray.

Then, of course, there are the fabrics. This first pile is all dress fabrics. Top to bottom: Red woven check cotton; black and cream striped viscose jersey; wine red and black check wool blend; navy and black houndstooth, and some plain denim. I have plans on some level for all except the red cotton check- that one was a pure "oohh, pretty" buy. It may well get put away for a summer dress next year.

There seems to be a chequered pattern emerging in my current fabric tastes!

The other fabrics are raided from a box in my mum's garage, from a stash of lace gifted to us by a friend of hers who designs lingerie. These are for my upcoming lingerie-sewing spree, which I will be doing a series of posts on starting this week! Left to right: pink spot on black embroidered stretch tulle; white floral stripe stretch lace; pink on black trellis pattern embroidered tulle; chocolate brown and cream embroidered lace, along with matching 6" wide border lace (top).

Should be enough to keep me busy for a couple of months!


  1. Good work! Love the Simplicity pattern. x

    1. Thanks Jane. I think the Simplicity one is my favourite.

  2. Amazing! Love the buckles! I have a nice collection myself, but never seem to use them. lol And isn't it fabulous to find fabrics at a great price? I love making a dress that only cost $7.50 (well, plus the time factor, but then I don't keep track). :)

    1. I have quite a lot of buckles too, but these are all colours I use a lot so couldn't pass them up. All the fabrics except the denim came from a clearance warehouse-type fabric shop set up in an old church. It's packed floor to ceiling in every room with racks, and the most expensive high-end curtain fabrics only cost £6 a metre at most. All mine were only £1-2 a metre for really lovely quality. It's pretty awesome :)