Sunday, 2 September 2012

Of cherries and circle skirts

Finally, I have some completed grown-up sewing to share with you! This outfit is made up of two recent makes: a basic black cotton circle skirt, and a contrast-yoke cherry print blouse.

Let's start at the top. This blouse was made from a 1950s pattern by "The People" Pattern Service, a mail order pattern service. The pattern has two blouses, this one with the pointed yoke, and a more basic three-quarter sleeve button down blouse that I will undoubtedly make at some point too.

The print fabric is recycled from a dress I picked up in the sale at the supermarket and originally looked like this:

 A nice enough dress in itself, but far too short and lightweight for my liking. I loved the fabric enough to spend the few pounds. It has raspberries, strawberries and pineapples outlined behind the cherries too! I paired it with some plain red polycotton for the yokes. There were a few fiddly bits in the construction, mostly because the yoke is doubled so I stitched the neckline first, then turned each sleeve inside out through the shoulder and stitched the sleeve edge. It does give a lovely crisp finish to the edges though. The pointed yoke seam was surprisingly easy with some careful corner-clipping. As I don't like neckline styles like this to sit too wide on the shoulders I left the yoke at the original size, and added the extra fullness into the gathers to enlarge it through the body.

The skirt is something I've been in need of for quite some time: a basic black full skirt! I drafted up a circle skirt pattern, and pulled out a length of plain black cotton with a touch of lycra. I drafted it with deep-cut pockets for practicality, and cut the skirt in four gores so I could add a back zipper (and get it out of the length of fabric, heh). Add a fancy button for the waistband closure, and voila. It's already been worn more times than I remember.

Paired with Doc Martens. Classy as ever, but at least I'm comfy! And they're pretty Docs.

I did belt loops and everything! This one shows the detail of the fabric print better. Fruit galore. I'm very much in love with these two pieces. I definitely need more blouses from this pattern!


  1. Very nice! Love the deep pockets. I've been avoiding pockets in most things just for simplicity's sake, but now I'm thinking I need to bite the bullet and add them back in to my sewing. And that a very pretty china cabinet behind you too! ;)

    1. Thank you. The pockets were easy enough to draft on this one (and side-seam pockets are easier still) and definitely worth the little extra effort. The cabinet was my nanna's, currently in my mum's dining room. I'm hoping I get it one day, it's such a beautiful piece.