Friday, 7 September 2012

Underneath it all: A series in lingerie making

Introducing the first in a series of posts following my latest sewing addiction: lingerie. I decided recently that my underwear drawer is in a pretty poor state: two bras that fit and aren't worn to bits, and about eight pairs of knickers. Terrible. I plan on spending the next few weeks remedying this situation, with a range of projects.

As hinted in my last post, I already have a good pile of materials ready to go. Several yards of allover lace and embroidered tulles, a good stack of border-embroidered tulles from 4-8" wide, and various silks and satins that have been in the stash boxes for far too long.

Add to that an assortment of picot elastics, stretch and rigid narrow laces and we're good to go.

First up, I will be making up a couple of vests (to use the British term- you may call them camisoles, singlets etc) from this free pattern from 'So, Zo...'. It takes less than a yard of fabric plus some elastic, and is multisized. 


I will also be joining in Vera Venus's French Knicker Sewalong, which is scheduled to take place this weekend. Again, the pattern is free to download in two sizes, or you can follow her instructions for drafting your own from a skirt block.


I'll be starting with some luscious cream silk with tiny black pin dots, and black lace to trim. Yummy!

I have a tutorial or two of my own lined up for good measure, and there will be lots of pictures of the finished pretties as well as some inspiration posts. I've also started a new Pinterest board here to collect images as I go. This will be an ongoing project over the next few months, so I won't be sticking to a schedule with my posts, but I will aim for hopefully one post a week.


  1. Hi Ginny, oooh this is very exciting! All those beautiful treasures... Please do let me know who you get on with my vest pattern in case I forget to check back (head like a sieve at the moment). Good luck getting to grips with the undies! xxx

    1. Thanks Zoe! I made two up from your pattern today- very quick and easy. I'll be posting about them in the next couple of days probably, so I'll try and remember to send you a link when I do. x