Tuesday, 30 October 2012

1940s Jeans: Finally Finished!

They're finally done!

Overall I'm happy with how they've turned out. The reputation of this pattern for its perfect fit is well deserved! My only issue is of my own making. You may remember I added some to the crotch length of the pattern in my toile; as it turned out, I didn't need as much as I added, so they are a little long in the body.  They could also possibly stand to be taken in half a size over the upper hips, mostly at the front where they're a bit baggy over the tummy. No matter: these are designed for comfortable everyday-wear, so a little extra space is probably a good thing.

The fit over the back is better. I took a bit extra in at the darts on the back to account for my hollow back, and lengthened them by about half an inch. 

I also added six belt loops on top of the waistband. After my initial doubt over the colour of the buttons I used, I actually rather like them now they're on there. As a rule, I just don't like brown as a colour. I can think of precisely three brown garments I've owned since my early teens, none of which got worn much. However, this small amount as an accent seems to be acceptable. The tan shade works well with the denim, and is neutral enough to wear with any colour top I might put with them.

There seems to be a small hand counting my buttons in the bottom of this picture!


  1. They look fabulous. I love the cuff. I have this pattern and made pants out of linen, which are fabulous, however they crease after 2 minutes wear. You have inspired me to make them from denim.

    1. Thank you Khristie! I have plans to make them up in some red linen for next summer. First though, I'll be shopping for some wool fabrics next week to make a couple more pairs for winter. I'm really in love with this pattern.