Monday, 1 October 2012

Sun-Ray Ribbing, Finished!

I finally finished this knit last month! It was only 9 months in the making... ahem.  I abandoned this for so long over the spring and summer after the rib pattern started to drive me a little crazy, but finally picked it up again with a will to finish it, and got the back and both sleeves done within a couple of weeks and finished it.

The pattern is "Sun Ray Ribbing", from A Stitch in Time, Vol 1 by Susan Crawford, a book most of the vintage knitters in the blogging world will likely be familiar with. The Ravelry page for this pattern is here.

I started this project way back in January, after getting the book as a Christmas gift, with a budget acrylic 4 ply yarn bought from eBay. For the price it's quite a nice yarn, very soft to the touch and a nice rich colour, though now my confidence in my knitting skills has grown I'll be happy to spend more for a better quality in future.

This pattern was pretty easy to make up as long as you follow the decrease pattern carefully and count your rows correctly. The points around the collar took a bit of reading to get my head around, but other than that no major problems. The one thing I will say is a point that a few others have made on various Ravelry pages, that the needle size for the larger size is really too big for a 4 ply weight wool. The resulting knit is a bit loose, and had I made it in a lighter colour it would likely look pretty poor. Fortunately the dark red with a black vest worn underneath minimises the loose appearance. If I were to make this again I think I could easily go down a needle size or two to improve the tension and lose a couple of inches. I made the larger size, which supposedly fits 36-44" busts. I'm right in the middle at 40" and it's pretty roomy; this would be huge on someone with a 36" bust!

After I initially finished it up, I was a little unhappy with the look of it to be honest. The narrowing effect of the ray pattern emphasised my already dramatic pear shape, and it didn't feel flattering. However, I pulled these jeans out of the drawer a couple of days ago, having not worn them in months. They're a little tight on the thighs, as so many trousers are on my figure, so they'd been pretty much forgotten, but I found that I could just about squeeze into them and wear them comfortably. A combination of the slightly-too-tight fit in the legs and their solid black colour seem to slim my bottom half quite dramatically, balancing the visual effect of the jumper. Yay!

It closes at the back of the neck with two buttons. I couldn't find any red ones the right shade in my tin, so I went for these creamy white domed shank buttons.

Just in time for the chilly weather that's arrived! I'm already well on my way with my next knit, this short-sleeved 1940s jumper, called "Top Honours". This pattern is available for free here.

I'm making it it the grey 4 ply I picked up at the charity shop, with white contrast for the stripes. I've knitted it in the round for speed, and I'm already up to the armholes with it divided for the front and backs, which will be knit on straight needles. Time to make something for the little one soon I think.

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  1. That is so pretty. I'm glad you picked it up again. Someday I might be as good as you at knitting, but until then I'll keep working on scarves!