Sunday, 31 March 2013

SFV: 1940s Dungarees Finished!

Yes, I actually have some finished outfit photos to share! I finished up my sweetheart dungarees for the Sew For Victory sewalong using Simplicity 3688 this week and love them already.

Once I got over the cock-up with the pockets I told you about in my last post, I got the rest done at a good speed with no more headaches.

The bib is detachable, so I can wear them just as trousers if I want to. It buttons onto the inside of the waistband, using some vintage buttons (probably 1960s) in a dark royal blue shade. I also used these on the straps and one on the waistband above the back zipper.

I decided to use a cotton print for the lining on the bib, along with a facing. This was a repro print I bought a fat quarter of ages ago for something specific that I never made. I really love the look of the red print against the navy. Such a pretty combination! The instant I stitched the seam joining the lining and facing and turned it right side up to press, I instantly wanted a dress made out of it with that shape at the top of the bodice! Probably a good thing I can't remember what the fabric was so can't be tempted to buy any more. Heh.

I could have done with making one more alteration to the bodice, it gapes slightly at the sides of the bust, but I suppose it leaves room for wearing woolly jumpers underneath! When I went flea market shopping last week the lady who runs a jewellery stall I regularly buy from said I look ready for work on the farm, so evidently they turned out a little Land Girl. I'll take that.  I suspect these will get a lot of wear, in both versions. They're certainly the warmest trousers I now own, something that's been very much lacking over the winter.

What about you all- how did your Sew For Victory projects turn out?


  1. These turned out wonderful :) And farm-like is definitely practical for those messy tasks. And warm trousers are always good too ;)

  2. I love your dungarees! That's neat that the bib is detachable!! And I let out a gasp when I saw your lining fabric....such a pretty repro print...I hope you can find the source again because I think it would be a perfect dress!!

  3. Love them! I like how the bib is detachable. The lining fabric is so cute.