Sunday, 12 May 2013

MMM '13: Week 2 Roundup

It's been a kind of hit and miss this week with the Me Made May challenge. I've managed my five days target, but barely, and I've been very bad at taking photos. Ah well. These are the outfits I managed to capture!

Day 7

As you saw already, I kicked off the week with my new pinstripe capris made from Butterick 5895. Check out the post on them here for full outfit details. I'll be starting my second pair later today, so watch this space for new jeans!

Later in the day I got too damn hot- it was our first properly sunny hot day of the year! I changed into my red check shirtwaist dress.

Day 8

Such a contrast in weather to the previous day, which seems to be happening a lot recently, so I went back to my old faithful wide leg jeans, and a long sleeved t-shirt I just finished for a comfy outfit. The fabric for this shirt is weird. The white spots are printed on, like a t-shirt graphic, so they are pretty solid. It makes it handle almost like a sequinned costume fabric! It feels lovely on though, and I love the super-long sleeves of this pattern. I often find myself pulling long sleeves down over my hands, which this is perfect for.

The pattern is one from the stash: Burda 8219. It has kimono sleeves with a seam along the top, running along the shoulder down the length of the sleeve. I omitted the keyhole at the centre, simply cutting the lower front to a point instead and sewing a full seam across.

I think these jeans are in desperate need of something doing with them. They've got a little... scruffy. And I think the amount the fabric shrank in the pre-washes might have relaxed out again because they're so incredibly baggy!


Viscose jersey kimono tee: Burda 8219

Black/pink spot high waisted knickers

Wide-leg jeans, Simplicity 3688

Day 10

Day 9 wasn't worth a photo. Those damn jeans again with a black t-shirt. I was painting in the bathroom, so it wasn't worth putting anything decent on!

So, straight to day 10. My Butterick capris again, with my Sun-Ray Ribbing jumper. Yes, short pants and a jumper! I don't really feel the cold on my legs, but I do on my shoulders. 

This week's Friday photo theme on the Flickr group was "Your creating space". As it was a theme I'd voted for I figured I'd better have a quick tidy up to take my photo in the sewing corner! Excuse the clothes drying on the radiator. And the bare feet.

I don't know if I've ever shown you my sewing machine before. It's a Singer 348 from the '60s, and was my Nanna's. She is my first baby, and forbidden territory to everyone else. 

Day 11

One of the days I forgot to take photos, even though I wore 3 me mades! We went to visit boyfriend's parents so I wore my red pencil skirt (which appeared in last years MMM here), and a red and black tartan blouse I have yet to blog. No doubt I'll wear it again before the month is out though.

As for today, Day 12, me and Little One are having a pyjama day. It's Sunday. That's allowed. That's what I'm telling myself at least, ha!

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