Wednesday, 19 June 2013

More new patterns and fabric!

It seems I've been building up the pattern stash recently! To add to the few new ones I got recently, I've bought quite a few more in the last few weeks.

This first bunch of children's patterns were a mixed lot off eBay, bought for the price you'd normally pay for a single pattern. I'd been on the lookout for another summer pyjama and nightdress pattern for little one, which this bundle provided and then some! Most of them are unused still in factory folds, too. My favourite is the Blackmore halter-neck sundress and jacket. The dolls' outfits are adorable too.

I have just realised that there's one missing from this image- the pjs I'm making up already! You'll have to wait for that one.

These two were a gift from my sister for my birthday back in February, but I realised I'd never shown you them. How adorable is that little dress?

McCall's 2186, Butterick 6326

This last pattern was another eBay find for a mere 99p. I have no basic skirt patterns other than my self drafted pencil and circle skirts. This classic gored skirt will certainly fill some gaps, after a bit of grading up. It's also my first Du Barry pattern- the envelope is so tiny compared to other patterns!

Du Barry skirt 2352B, 1940s gored skirt

As well as feeding my pattern addiction, I stocked up on summer fabrics too.

Top to bottom:

1m Stripe viscose jersey
2m Daisy print lightweight viscose
2m Parrot print cotton
1m Turquoise stretch denim
2m Birds print viscose jersey
1m Toadstool cotton jersey
2m Cherry and dots polycotton
1.5m Lilac check polycotton
1.5m Loral circles polycotton
1m Strawberries polycotton
2m Emerald lightweight viscose
1.5m Pirate wincyette

Phew... That's a lot of fabric. There's stuff for both myself and Little One in there, including a couple of lengths for pyjamas for her. Of course, I forgot to get anything for my own pj pants to join in Karen's pyjama party! Looks like I'm out of that one, then.  The parrots cotton was a present from mum, along with a length of navy floral jersey that I forgot to add to the pile. She hasn't been doing much sewing recently so gave them to me to sew up for Little One. Of course, once I got home with it all, my sewing mojo seemed to do a runner. That figures. I had a productive day today though and made a good bit of progress: one of the pyjama fabrics has been made up into a finished set, and I'm working on a dress each for me and Little One. 


  1. Love those patterns, but the fabric is gorgeous! You're lucky you live in the UK. you have access to a lot of beautiful fabric at a good price! If I ordered it, too, the shipping costs would be huge :( Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

  2. Wow, look at that amazing stash! I can't wait to see the final products :)