Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Picnic by the castle

Today was such a nice day we decided to make the most of it with some time outdoors, so we packed up a picnic basket and headed off out.

The day started out with some duck feeding, and greeting the new babies of the park! Significantly fewer than last year's crazy-huge brood of seven; a much more manageable number.

Once the bread ran out, we headed on up the path towards the castle ruins. Little One refers to this scant patch of trees surrounding the estate as the "deep dark wood", and makes me recite the story of The Gruffalo as we walk through it. Yes, I know it word for word. The perils of parenthood!

Not entirely sure what that face is...

She chose a suitable shady spot, and we tucked in. It was a beautifully quiet spot and we both enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while, before going off to do a bit of exploring and pick up a few bits from town before heading home.

A little about my new blouse! This is a UFO from last year when I first blogged about the pattern illustration of Advance 7114 in this post from last May. I fell in love with the royal blue with polka dot trim and the big bow so much that I had to copy it. For whatever reason, though, it got set aside and left until I had a tidy up a few weeks ago. I finished up the hand-sewing yesterday just in time for the sunny weather to wear it today. I would tell you what pattern I used, but I have no idea!

The stand-up collar is simply a straight bias cut strip folded in half and applied to the edge. Because it is a straight strip sewn onto a curved edge it stands up at the shoulder as in the original image inspiration.  I sewed it raw edges together on the right side of the neck edge, then flipped to the inside and topstitched. Nice and easy. The bow is made separately and sewn on by hand.

I think a few more sleeveless blouses will be on my to sew list now!

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