Thursday, 18 July 2013

Shorts and charity shop scores

Folks, it been a scorcher the last couple of weeks! The UK seems to be experiencing this strange thing called "Summer". It's hot, and hasn't rained for 2 whole weeks!! When you live in a county that is famous for its lakes and wet weather, this is nothing short of a miracle.

As is this picture:

Cor blimey, look at the colour difference between my arms and legs. Hah!

I made shorts! Never before have I had the urge to wear shorts, but in this heat I'm past caring. Let's talk body issues for a moment. I hate my legs, or rather my thighs. They are second only to my super stretch-marked belly in not being bared to the world (as far as decency goes, obviously). My thigh measurement is the same as some people's waist size, and they are the reason I can't buy trousers to fit. I hated every PE lesson at school where I had to get my wibbly legs out, and those days developed in me a subconscious hatred of wearing shorts. Especially the "knickershorts" they made us wear for gymnastics, which were exactly what they sound like. Think 1970s hot pants, made of horrible acrylic jersey. Yeah.

One thing that has helped me get over that issue, aside from being in a relationship with someone who generally makes me feel happier about myself, was getting tattooed last year. You can see part of it peeking out from under the shorts. I got this tattoo for our daughter: I designed it myself using elements from the inspiration for her name. I won't share a full picture of it just yet as it still needs some reworking; an allergic reaction to the cream resulted in some poor healing in places, so it needs some touching up before I'm happy with it. The act of getting this piece has made me love that leg, at least, a little bit more. Plus, when sitting with your legs on display for all and sundry at a public event, being watched by passers by while a guy twice your age inks you, you can't exactly be shy.

So while I may not be about to strut around town in these, I'm at least happy to wear them around the house and garden, and be seen by the neighbours wearing them!

They were made using Simplicity 2654. I just about squeezed them out of the leftover denim from my Simplicity 3688 jeans, and used a scrap of floral cotton for the facing. I didn't bother with pockets, and threw the zip in by machine with little care for neatness. I made these in under an hour one evening after DD had gone to bed.

Oh yes, the charity shop scores.

Yesterday I hit on both fabric and vintage patterns in the same shop!

2m of this pretty polycotton print. It is shades of dusky blue, grey and pink and will do nicely for some dresses for Little One.

Three vintage patterns:

Butterick 6696

The Woman pattern is one that I've lusted after for ages. It was one of the first things I ever pinned over a year ago- I can't quite believe I found it! The blouse is a nice basic with some cute details that will probably see a fair amount of use.

I also picked up this very pretty cake plate a couple of weeks ago. It's pressed glass with transfer printing on the reverse, probably 1950s and is nice and big, though the gilt edging has been scrubbed away by its last owner. It's already seen use for Little One's birthday cake last week!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat about a million ice lollies! Brits can't cope well with the heat.


  1. You look nice in them. I understand you perfectly when talking about your thighs. I have the same problem and you can only learn to live with it. Unfortunately I started practicing capoeira last year and that developed my thighs even more. I tend to wear knee length skirts, but on very hot days (I live in Madrid) I just suck it up and wear shorts anyway.

    1. Thank you Elena. I'm certainly not as self-conscious about them as I used to be, but I avoid showing anything above the knee most of the time. I doubt I'd cope living in Madrid!