Tuesday, 3 September 2013

On the needles

Well, knitting those few tiny things seems to have eased me back into knitting, and got me thinking about my other on-the-go projects. I have a couple of things that need finishing off that I'll be glad to see the back of. I've imposed a rule on myself when it comes to knitting, that I can only have one project per person on the go at any time i.e. one for me, one for Little One.

*Apologies for the crap ironing-board photos. My table is currently covered in bits of motorbike seat!

First up is the one I really want to finish soon. I started this at the end of last winter, and it just needs another sleeve! I adapted it to have long sleeves, as there is a major gap in my wardrobe where long sleeved jumpers should be! It has taken a considerable amount of time to knit due to the fine wool and lots of cables. I've really enjoyed making it but I'm looking forward to being able to wear it this winter.

For Little One, I'm currently making a cardi in this beautiful colour. It's insanely hard to photograph (and describe) but it's a sort of dark jade/turquoise/aqua kind of shade. Its the bottom left design, with the heart-design lace panels. Hopefully it should be a quick make- it's in DK.

Added to the one project per person rule is one more thing for my friend's baby: a blanket, of course! I wanted to do something quick and easy, with multiple colours but no seaming of squares. I settled on a zig-zag blanket, and used this one from KnitCulture as a guide, though I changed the number of stitches cast on. I'm about half way up it now, or possibly less. I can't decide how many repeats of the stripe pattern to do. Three repeats will make a fairly square blanket, but four would make it longer than it is wide. I think I'll have to measure the width more accurately once I get to the end of the third repeat and make my mind up then.

What about you? 
Are you knitting anything at the moment?


  1. wow, you have been busy. The zig zag blanket is fab. I don't do much knitting, the odd bobble hat / scarf for the little ones but I have an urge to try socks. Yarn arrived yesterday, unfortunately double pointed needles were out of stock so hope they arrive soon and using a free pattern from my local habby store. Looking forward to seeing your jumper completed.

    1. Thank you! Bear in mind that this is a good six months worth of knitting, haha. My next project after the jumper will be socks too! I've had a cone of 3 ply in a soft sandy gold sitting around since last year that I think will be the perfect colour for some winter accessories. I'll hopefully make some gloves from it this year too. Luckily I have a good selection of DPNs that I inherited from my boyfriend's grandmother who was an avid knitter.

  2. The red jumper looks lovely! Where did you find the pattern?

    1. Ebay! Here:


      Pure chance that I found it really- I recognised it from one I'd seen made up on another blog that I'd fallen in love with!

  3. Fab colours! I love the combo on the baby blanket, and the colour my monitor shows the jade/aqua/turquoise yarn is gorgeous :)
    I should start a knitting/crochet rule, I end up with far too many projects on the go because I'm a sucker for that "i MUST do that awesome new thing I have seen right now because waiting until something else is finished simply wont do!" thing, and therefore end up with lots of projects, none finished.