Sunday, 31 July 2011

1950s Jumper Dress

My latest project for the little one was this vintage repro pattern from Bramcost Publications, given away as a freebie on their blog recently:

Described as the "Grows With Her" dress, it is designed so that the tie straps and deep hem can be adjusted with your child, and the dress will fit from ages 2 to 5.  With just a slightly deeper hem, I made it to fit my one year old!

The fabric, a cotton seersucker plaid in rainbow colours, was salvaged from a previous unfinished project that had languished in a box for about 4 years (along with a dozen other projects in similar states). Because of this I had to cut the skirt in 4 sections instead of two, but thanks to my obsessive pattern matching when working with patterned fabrics like this you can barely tell.

Back view

I tied the straps towards the back because of the amount of excess, which is a slight issue at the moment but I'm sure she'll need them adjusting before I know it! The one alteration to the pattern I did make was the addition of a strip of buttonhole elastic inside the top edge of the back of the dress to help prevent it gaping while she is small. This was concealed between the bodice and lining layers, with access to the buttons provided by leaving an open gap of 1" in the lining side seams.

Picking flowers

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The need for separates

Having now gone through most of my list of planned dresses and pulled old ones out of the back of the wardrobe to where they had been banished for the last two years, I feel the need to move on to some seperates. After another clothing purge, I have two huge bags of things to donate to charity and relatively little left in my drawers. I hadn't realised my clothes were in such a sorry state until I was greeted by this sight!

First, I feel the need for a new basic black skirt. My past favourite is looking a little tired and faded, being a few years old and worn to death in all seasons. As it was only a high-street cheapy (and possibly a hand-me-down) I have no hesitations in picking it apart to make a pattern for a future re-make. My new skirt shall be a 50s inspired self drafted number, with 6 gores, side-seam pockets and hitting just below the knee. I plan to make it with a fancy high waistband, something like this:

Skirt with scalloped waistband, circa 1950

Next up is a new pattern PDF, purchased from La Prairie Lady on Etsy who has various 50s top patterns in this form. I love the tie-waist detail on this halter, though if I were to tackle the embroidery too it might not be finished until next summer. 

In an ideal world, I would love one of these from Pinup Couture:

The 'Doris' top in white

This stlye neckline is something I've found to very very flattering on my figure in the past, and this double-collared version is that bit more unusual. I will likely make something similar, although with a shorter sleeve with a turned-back peaked cuff.

A quick dig through my pattern stash may shed light on some others as I go, but this is a good enough start for now I think. Next step: choose fabrics for these three!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

A break from the sewing

Not much sewing has been done these last couple of weeks, and noticeably less blogging. Instead, our attention was given over to a long awaited family wedding.

The venue was the beautiful Hunday Manor Hotel, an old country house, with the ceremony being held in the garden gazebo. Highly impractical for the guests but utterly romantic!

Our little monkey enjoyed using daddy as a drum...

Tears were shed...

And people danced too fast for my camera!

It was also the first opportunity I have had to meet the last few family members, and of course Elanor made friends instantly.