Friday, 23 September 2011

Flea market pattern haul

I'm home from my trip to visit the family, and I bring vintage goodies for the growing stockpile!

While these days it seems that my old hometown has descended into a mass of 99p stores, pawnbrokers and empty shop units, the weekly flea market still yields some good stuff for those willing to have a long rummage in ancient boxes of tatt. I came away with a stack of patterns, both knitting and sewing, and paid no more than 25 pence per item.

1950s Knitting Patterns

Scoop-neck sweater | Long or short sleeved bolero | Shawl-collar sweater

 | Youngsters Woolies- an assortment of children's essential knits |

Children's sewing patterns

| 1940s Maudella dress and coat patterns |
Both these patterns are unused, still in factory folds!

| 1950s Maudella sun dress and blouse |

1970s tunics and trousers | 1960s duffel coats

Most of the sewing patterns are in larger sizes so will be put away for the time being, but the knitting patterns are something I can plug away at in my spare time. I taught myself basic knitting techniques a few years back but have never ventured into making any actual garments, so hopefully I can challenge myself with completing one of these designs in time for winter.

Monday, 19 September 2011


Today I shall be venturing off to visit the family for a few days. A trip which entails a three and a half hour journey by rail with an excitable one-year-old. Hurrahs! (Oooh, can you feel the sarcasm, ha.)

If only totay's railway network could be trusted to do this for us!

And how adorable are these fruit-slice suitcases? Such a shame they're out of stock or I might find myself buying one immediately.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Autumn sewing list

Well it seems that summer has flown by all to quickly this year and I have neglected to blog about any of the few summer sewing projects I managed to complete. The weather the last couple of weeks has got gradually more depressing, and the summer dresses have been crammed back in the wardrobe. This does mean I'm now back to the usual jeans and tshirt scruffs; not a glamourous look!

So the summer sewing plans have been scrapped, and replaced with this: my Autumn Wardrobe. With this set, I want to attempt to keep it as something of a capsule wardrobe, and make a few key pieces I can mix and match and that will fit easily with existing garments or be added to easily. 

Colour palette

 It seems I'm going for green shades at the moment!

These are my first few designs to make up for the coming season, some of which have already been put in motion.

Top row:

Black wool crepe skirt with sweetheart-shaped waistband.  Self-drafted but taking inspiration from patterns such as Advance 4927 (late 40s/early 50s). 
Assymetrical dress from Style 917 (mid-late 50s), made in deep bottle green cotton with contrast black collars.

High waisted flared jumper dress/skirt.  Self-drafted, inspired by McCall's 3590 (dated 1956), made in cotton blend black and white plaid with red accents.

Bottom Row:

Draped blouse in red cotton jersey, from a 1957 French magazine pattern.

Lime green tone cotton stripe blouse made from Butterick pattern.  

Wrap-front blouse inspired by Vogue 7225.  Made in deep red cotton with contrast collars  of 50s-style leaf print. I will most likely adapt my Butterick pattern to make this one.

Let's hope I don't lose the inclination to sew half way through the set this time!