Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Butterick 5895 Pants: MMM '13 Day 7

As I mentioned in my recent sewing plans post, one of my new patterns is Butterick 5895. This is one of Gertie's newest patterns for Butterick released for summer. The cropped trousers have a nicely vintage high waistline, with side front pockets and fasten up the back with a zip.

I went stash-diving and pulled out a length of pinstripe stretch cotton sateen that's been lurking for a good 5 years. I think I originally planned to make a blazer-type jacket from it but never did. I used a small bit for a bolero last year, but had just enough left to squeeze this pattern out. It wasn't looking like getting used for anything else, so not the end of the world if it turned out they didn't fit.

 Sorry about the image quality. I promise I'll make the effort and use the good camera for the rest of the month!

No such worries though! After a quick tweak of the back darts to fit into my hollow back, these fit nearly perfectly straight out of the packet! I cut the size 20 to account for my wide hips and thighs and got a pretty good snug fit. I like this style to be very fitted on the legs. I need to take a small amount in on the centre front seam below my tummy to eliminate a few drag lines there (a sort of reversed full-abdomen adjustment) but only a half inch.

Pretty happy with the fit of the back after taking those darts in a little. Also, I did my first invisible zip in about three years on this pair (mostly because it was the only short black zip to hand) and I think I got it as near perfect as I ever could! *happydance*

A little leopardy surprise in the pockets.

I think I found a new pattern love! My black denim is already on the way for another pair, which you'll doubtless see within a week. And no, this blouse isn't from the pattern, but shop-bought. Evidently it was in my subconscious when I got dressed this morning though!

Fabric: Cotton lycra sateen, leopard print cotton poplin (pockets)

Pattern: Butterick 5895, view B

Notions: 8" Invisible zip, Trouser hook and bar, Thread, Fusible interfacing

Worn with:

Cream vest: New look

Cherry print tie-front blouse: Internacionale

P.S. Apologies if you read this post with no photos. A certain small somebody hit the publish button while I was out of the room!


  1. They're fab! Good to hear the fit is so good too, I was mightily tempted by this pattern when you last talked about it but seeing these trousers may have just tipped me over the edge! I'd love to make the blouse too. x

    1. I'd definitely recommend it. Quick to make too- I'd have got these done in a day if I'd been paying attention and hadn't put the waistband on wrong lol. I'll be starting my denim ones as soon as my fabric arrives, and I'm already looking for fabric for the blouse. I'm thinking something tropical.

  2. I was put off this pattern by the high waist when I saw it but these look fantastic and I might have to reconsider. I'm glad you managed to get them to fit really well with a minor change. Can't wait to see your next pair.

  3. I was unsure of this pattern too but your pants convinced me. First, they look amazing on you!!!! Now I have to get this pattern!

  4. Wow!! They look stunning !! You've got a really good fit by the looks of it, and perfect that they are pinstriped too ( loooove pinstripes!) the blouse is almost a gertie style too, it made me look twice. Altogether a great look!!

  5. Those area amazing pants! They look smashing on you! Great job! I might have to take a look at that pattern! I really like the style.

  6. These pants look very nice on you.

  7. You're rocking those! Love the pinstripe.

  8. Thanks for posting this! They look great on a curvy girl, I must make a pair :)