Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spring Sewing Plans

Now that the weather has finally perked up, it's time to start Spring sewing, and sewing for a new season starts with new patterns! I've got a few new lovelies to work with this season.

First up is something I'm quite badly in need of: a short coat! I scored this little beauty on eBay for a couple of pounds: Vogue 7146. It seems this pattern is a little more rare than some: I could only find one other mention of it online, and it wasn't on the Vintage Patterns Wiki! So I created a page for it here.

Vogue jacket 7146

It's also my first ever Vogue pattern, new or vintage, which for some reason I find stupidly exciting. I plan on making it up in a red and black checked wool, probably this wool/poly boucle from eBay:

Another gap in my wardrobe is basic button-down blouses, particularly with longer sleeves. This Wheldons pattern came from the same seller as the Vogue jacket. It has three-quarter length sleeves and a classically '50s smooth winged collar. I've been lusting after a black and white gingham shirt, so I think that may be it's first incarnation!

Weldons blouse pattern 2825

I'm very excited about this next pattern too: Butterick 5895, one of Gertie's newest patterns. I've always worn cropped jeans in summer until my last pair dropped to bits last year. This pattern has the high waist I've come to like as I've been wearing more vintage styles. The blouse is a style I like too- I have two shop bought tie-front blouses that I wear regularly, so that will be a good staple pattern for my summer wardrobe. A big thank you to my sister Kally of Millinery and Musings for getting me this pattern as part of an offer from

Butterick B5895

I'm working on a pair at the minute to test the fit, which I'll blog soon! A plain black denim pair will be the first proper pair from this pattern, but I'm tempted by this red snake-print cotton drill. Mmm... trashy!

Last up is a new dress pattern, Simplicity 2444. I treated myself to a copy of Sew magazine which this came free with. I love the unusual dart placement and bow collar of this pattern. Again, I'm already working on my first version of this.

Simplicity 2444

And thanks to taking part in Me-Made-May you will actually see some of the results of my planning. I'm aware I write an awful lot of "I'm going to make..." posts then never show you all the results. I'm trying to change that. Honest!


  1. What great plans - I love everything you're planning to make! I've also got my eye on the Gertie pattern so will be following your progress on that with interest! x

    1. I finished up my first pair of the trousers, so I'll blog them pretty soon. Definitely a good result from that pattern!

  2. Oooh, I too have the Vogue jacket pattern & have been dying to make it for a while now. Personally, I find vintage Vogue patterns a dream to sew - the fit is always perfect! I'd be interested to hear how you go.

    As for the red & black snake print... use it, it's awesome! Not to mention you would rock the look big time!

    1. Well hopefully I should get the fabric for the jacket bought in the next couple of weeks, but it will definitely be a slow-and-steady project (not my usual rush it through in a day kind of job!). Not least is the fact that it needs grading up a good 6", so a muslin will have to be made first. I'll try my best to remember to take in-progress photos though :)